Notes from Question & Answer Call

Here are the bullet points from what we discussed during the Community Check-in Call Thursday, June 4th. Any new information will be communicated via this website and email.


  • The tentative reopening date is Sunday, July 5th.

  • To prepare, a commercial cleaning service has already been scheduled to ensure the building is sanitized. They will also advise on the products and techniques we need going forward.

  • New procedures are being finalized in accordance with the CDC and the Presbytery of New Hope and will be communicated shortly. Signage to help our transition has already been ordered.

  • The most important point is that we’ll all be figuring it out together and need to be patient and flexible.


  • Because our reach has expanded so much because of our online presence,.we will continue to utilize our various digital platforms.

  • We have learned a lot about the best way to operate these platforms and strive to make the experience even easier for everyone in the weeks to come.

  • In many cases, this will be in conjunction with a physical event. However, at this time. Bible Study is expected to remain virtual.

  • We are finalizing an online member directory to help keep our congregation connected.


  • For sanitary purposes, we highly encourage online giving.

  • There will also be a touchless receptacle in the sanctuary in which to place donations.


  • We will deliver DVDs. and/or CDs of Sunday Worship to our seniors.

  • Pastor Lawrence contacts to our seniors at least once a week and encourages the congregation to also reach out.

  • Lady Nkena reminded us that it has always taken “a village” to ensure our seniors are able to participate in worship and connect with saints on a regular basis and that should not change.


  • We are working to figure out how ministries such as Church School and the PW Sister Circle will operate.

  • As of now, VBS is cancelled and Church School will not meet until a firm plan to ensure the children’s safety is established. (this is UPDATED info and different than what was communicated on the call)

  • The Session is still in the process of deciding what to do about scheduled events such as Church Anniversary, Men’s Day, and Pastor’s 5th Anniversary.


  • It was clarified that the grant was awarded by the Presbytery “for effective congregational development and community engagement” and not for “major capital improvement expenses.“ The grant guidelines can be found here.

  • Due to the transition of the church treasurer and the closures due to the pandemic, applying the grant we received was put on hold.

  • Since the call, the church used some of the grant money for post COVID-19 signage and evangelism materials (a list of which will be provided the the Session.)

  • The goal is to also use the grant to improve our technology in order to become a “paperless” sanctuary and also continue to serve the community in a digital platform.


  • The church trustees are looking into patching the most critical areas in order to increase the safety of the parking lot.

  • The landlords of the apartments next to our church have been contacted to contribute to the renovation because their trash truck has caused much of the damage.

  • A full-fledged repaving is not in the budget.

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